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Perinatal psychologist consultation

Many people ask the question: Do you need an individual psychologist consultation or with your temporary difficulties? Like a pregnancy. If you need it, you can say with absolute certainty that you need the help of a specialist.

Happy motherhood

Competent psychological assistance replaces the intake of many drugs during pregnancy. Because you free your body from negative energy. You feel well and enjoy future motherhood.

How is the psychological assistance during pregnancy in the Perinatal Center?

During therapy:

  • You will be able to discuss with your psychologist at the Perinatal Center your conflicting feelings that may appear during pregnancy;
  • You will learn to accept changes in your body and manage them;
  • You will be able to speak through the fears and excitements that torment you, to uncover the “maternal horrors”;
  • You are aware of the emergence of a new “I” within yourself, psychologically separating and creating space for its development;
  • We will help you to work through personal psychological difficulties in order not to load the future baby with them;
  • We will teach you to positively program the birth of a baby, to give it positive attitudes;
  • We will set up and prepare you for childbirth, you will learn self-help techniques and much more.

We will make every effort so that you feel comfortable in the new status, and the thought of childbirth no longer caused you to strain. You give your baby a lot of positive energy and love.

The psychologist of the Perinatal Center also works with future fathers who may experience discomfort because of their new role in the family. We will teach future parents to understand each other in order to create all conditions for the safe birth and development of your baby. Therefore, you can come together, and in a couple discuss your experiences with a psychologist.

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