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Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care for Newborns

General Information
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The most modern equipment

The Perinatal Center is proud to have one of the best intensive cares for newborns in Kyiv. Today all the wards of the Department are equipped with modern equipment:

  • Modernized incubators
  • Resuscitation tables
  • Ventilators Infant Flow (including for high-frequency oscillatory and non-invasive ventilation, thereby reducing the stay of children in the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care for Newborns)
  • Surveillance monitors
  • Phototherapy lamps
  • Special places for premature children of the type “nest”, “cocoons” that resemble the mother’s womb
  • Ultrasonography apparatus.


Modern methods of nursing babies

All this allows nursing children with different severe pathologies: respiratory distress syndrome, edema and severe icteric form of hemolytic disease of newborns, non-immune dropsy of the fetus and very premature children.

The Department encourages contact between parents and children and their participation in the care of newborns. We encourage mothers and fathers to visit their children, since this reduces the children’s stay in the Department and strengthens their bond with parents. The latter, in turn, is necessary for the speedy recovery of the child and the formation of a secure psychological base.


Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care for Newborns


Kangaroo method

The Department of Intensive Care and Resuscitation for Newborns was the first to introduce kangaroo method for the care of children born prematurely. This method is widely used today. Mothers or fathers hold their children on their chest, maintaining skin-to-skin contact, which speeds up the adaptation of children to the environment, helps them develop better and gain weight. We also practice music therapy when children listen to classical works of world composers, and this contributes to the development of their brain and nervous system.



Surgeons perform minor surgical interventions in the Department. You can also receive consultations from the ophthalmologist, neurologist, and neurosurgeon. We conduct treatment of retinopathy of newborns (this is a common result of premature birth) by laser coagulation method.


Collaboration and improvement

The Department has a large and positive experience of cooperation with the Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Heart Surgery, where children are transported in the first hours of life, saves the lives of hundreds of children who were born with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

The personnel of the Department take special training courses on the bases of departments of neonatology. We also hold roundtables where topical issues of neonatology and perinatology are discussed.


Over the years of work of the Perinatal Center, the Department of Resuscitation has saved more than 6,000 lives of newborns born prematurely.

More than 500 children receive treatment every year.

Our principal goal is to make the lives of children born prematurely to be complete, the family to remain healthy.

  • Phone number:(044) 522-87-46
  • Head of the Department:Tyshkevich Valeria Nikolaevna