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Department of Medical Rehabilitation of Newborns

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On December 1, 2020, a department of medical rehabilitation of infants was opened in the Kyiv Perinatal Center”.

Helping a child with disabilities to adapt and improve the quality of life of the whole family is the main task of the specialists of the Perinatal Center. After all, everyone understands that the first years of a person’s life play a decisive role in what her whole life will be like.




The Department of Medical Rehabilitation of Newborns provides highly specialized early intervention care for prematurely born children weighing up to 2 kg and children with pathology from birth to three years. Early identification of biological and social risk factors for child development disorders makes it possible to start the rehabilitation of such infants in a timely manner, to prevent the emergence of restrictions in the physical and psychosocial development of the child, in the functioning of the family.



Outpatient follow-up

After discharge from the department, babies continue to be monitored on an outpatient basis by a multidisciplinary team of specialists (pediatric neurologist, pediatric neonatologist, physician of physical rehabilitation medicine, psychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist).

The assessment of the development of motor, speech, communicative-emotional and sensory abilities is carried out, the peculiarities of the development of play activity, its correspondence to the age stages and individual capabilities of the child are determined. If necessary, psychological support is provided to parents, and family sensory integration is taught.

In case of developmental disorders, we offer an outpatient medical rehabilitation course, accompanied by our team of specialists.

If you have any questions, call tel. (098) 202-84-74, (095) 713-98-33

  • Phone number:(044) 529-21-21
  • Head of the Department:Brukhanska Tуtiana Lyubomyrіvna