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Delivery Department with individual and family delivery and operating rooms

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Comfortable childbirth

The Department has 15 individual and family-friendly delivery rooms. They are equipped with all necessary modern equipment, beds-transformers, comfortable chairs, and devices in order to make the delivery comfortable, easy, and medical care and control be conducted gently but securely and professionally. We do our best to ensure that our patients feel like home, and the atmosphere is comfortable for both the mother with her child and her family.


Maternity Hall


Highly qualified specialists

The personnel have extensive experience in the management of childbirth with a variety of features. Highly qualified specialists provide their assistance 24/7: obstetricians-gynecologists, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, surgeons, etc. We take care that every woman could be relaxed and focused on herself and her child while specialists supervise the safety of the process, following advanced techniques.



Cardiac monitors

All delivery rooms are equipped with wireless cardiac monitors with centralized monitoring. This allows us to carefully control the condition of the mother and fetus without violating the intimate atmosphere of the childbirth.



Fetal heart monitor


Premature birth

The Department has specially equipping delivery rooms for the premature birth with conditions for the provision of intensive care for the newborn. Delivery rooms are also designed with the focus on providing assistance to women with a high degree of perinatal risk, multiple pregnancies.


Family-friendly delivery rooms

We also have family-friendly delivery rooms, where the atmosphere makes patients feel like home. The woman and her close relatives remain there during the entire period of stay in the Perinatal Center: the family is in one room under the supervision of qualified personnel before birth, during birth and in the postpartum period.



Prompt medical care

The Department of Intensive Care and operating rooms are in close proximity to delivery rooms. This allows us to provide timely and high-quality emergency assistance. The prompt medical care is carried out without disturbing the woman and her family. The vast majority of Caesarean sections (over 90%) is performed under spinal anesthesia giving the woman the possibility to contact with her newborn. Next to operating rooms, there are rooms for fathers, where they are in skin-to-skin contact with their children until the end of the Caesarean section.


Friendly attitude to mom and baby

All the doctors understand and respond to the needs of the woman in labor. They support the woman’s choice for natural childbirth, the presence of her partner, and ensure the safe birth of every child.  Our specialists make the adaptation process of newborns to the external environment as easy as possible, including by the early breastfeeding.


Affiliate delivery


Skills development

The Department regularly conducts training for personnel on emergency care. This allows us to create balance in the actions of our team in those situations when we need to act quickly.


Feel free to ask any question in the QA Section (UKR) and we will be happy to cover the topic of your interest.

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  • Head of the Department:Volodymyr Golyanovsky