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Department of Postnatal Care and Treatment of Newborns

General Information
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All children stay with their mothers. This contributes to the formation of a healthy emotional contact between the mother and the child, creating favorable conditions for the establishment of physical health and successful breastfeeding.

After the birth, the child is under the supervision of qualified neonatologists, which ensures physiological development in the future or early detection of pathologies that may save the life of the child.


The main tasks:

  • care and supervision of healthy children;
  • training and recommendations for the care for woman in labour and her relatives;
  • planned and emergency assistance in case of abnormalities in the period of early adaptation of newborns;
  • provision of qualified care to newborns in the delivery room;
  • drawing up an individual plan of diagnostics and vaccination.

Our specialists make the adaptation process of newborns to the environment as easy as possible, including, first of all, maintenance of the heat supply chain, early first breastfeeding, and breastfeeding without restrictions.


Our advantages:

  • individual joint stay of the mother and the child;
  • more than 15 individual maternity wards (including family-type delivery rooms), where we maintain the presence and help of the loved ones. At the same time, neonatologists follow all the rules of the physiological course of the child’s adaptation: early breastfeeding, preservation of the heat supply chain, continuous contact (“skin-to-skin”), imprinting of the newborn, etc.
  • presence of the partner during the Cesarean section and early breastfeeding after the surgery.

We strive to ensure that the family is in the most comfortable environment, surrounded by the care and attention of the loved ones throughout the whole stay in the Center.

  • Phone number:(044) 522-87-38
  • Head of the Department:Vladimirova Oksana Vasilievna