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Department of Mother and Child Stay No. 1

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The chambers

All the wards of the obstetric postpartum Department of Mother and Child Stay No. 1 are individual, i.e. only for one mother with her child (children). The husband and close relatives can visit the mother with the child during the visit hours from 9.00AM to 7.00PM. Departments also have family-type wards designed for the stay of another family member who can provide assistance and support to the mother after childbirth and be there around the clock.


Friendly attitude to mother and child

The child and mother are inseparable from the first minute of birth. It promotes the healthy emotional attachment of the child to the mother and the successful start of breastfeeding, creates conditions for feeding as necessary, awakens instinctive skills, and helps the mother to be in balance.

The Department promotes friendly attitude towards the mother and her child. Our activity is aimed at preserving and restoring the physical health of the mother and her child, supporting her psychological prosperity and social activity.

The Department has experienced and caring personnel who help women adapt to their new condition, facilitate the care of newborns, and provide correct information on breastfeeding, etc.


To discharge from hospital

We guarantee 24/7 assistance. The discharge of patients is also carried out without days off and occurs 2-3 days after the childbirth with no complications in the physiological course. Patients who underwent surgical intervention often remain under the supervision for another 3-4 days. The decision on the discharge is made collectively together with neonatologists. Thus, the condition of the mother and her child is comprehensively assessed. At discharge, each mother is given necessary recommendations including on how to keep breastfeeding and contraception.


Baby care

Mothers are provided with daily consultations on newborn care, hygiene of the postpartum period and, if necessary, can be provided with qualified psychological help on breastfeeding.

All employees of the Department actively support and develop the principles of breastfeeding in the Perinatal Center and even beyond. We understand that breastfeeding has no equal way to ensure the perfect nutrition of the child for the proper development and growth. This is a good chance for the mother to prevent postpartum complications, and the newborn gets not only the balanced nutrition, but establishes emotional contact with the mother, feels maternal warmth and receives irreplaceable biocoenosis.

  • Phone number:(044) 522-84-44
  • Head of the Department:Sazonenko Lesia Vladimirovna