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Admission Department

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The provision of planned and emergency obstetric care in the Admission Department is performed by the doctors of the Perinatal Center, who will provide all the necessary specialized medical care in any situation. From consulting to eliminating conditions that threaten the health and lives of the woman and her unborn child.


Individual approach

In the Admission Department, we decide individually on hospitalization of each patient. If there are indications for hospitalization the midwife of the Admission Department forms the history of childbirth and then it is sent to the appropriate department.

Planned hospitalization

Planned hospitalization in the Department of Pathology and Fetus Miscarriage takes place from 9:00AM to 2:00PM only if indicated.

In the absence of reasons for hospitalization, the pregnant woman is given recommendations, noting the peculiarities of monitoring and supervision at the place of residence. The doctor of the Admission Department prepares a conclusion and makes a record in the log with refusals of hospitalization on the reasons for refusal and measures taken.


Emergency hospitalization

In case of emergency hospitalization, including childbirth, the pregnant woman is examined by the doctor, forming the necessary documentation, and sent to the Delivery Department.


Planned childbirth by the Cesarean section

If the pregnant woman has indications for planned childbirth by the Cesarean section, the doctor of the Admission Department consults the patient in advance, provides recommendations and the list of necessary clinical and laboratory examinations (Booklet on Caesarean section). Then, the date and time of the surgery is scheduled individually.


Annually doctors in the Admission Department of the Kyiv Perinatal Center conduct more than 11,000 consultations for pregnant women, among which over 6,000 are hospitalized in a planned manner, more than 1,000 undergo emergency assistance.

  • Phone number:(044) 522-87-41
  • Head of the Department:Julia Mazur