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Department of Post-intensive Care and Nursing of Newborns

General Information
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The child born prematurely requires special care. When all the vital functions of the child are stabilized in the Department of Intensive Care, we transfer the mother and her child to the Department of the Second Stage Nursing for Premature Children. We continue the intensive therapy and respiratory support in the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure) mode here.


Department Specialization

The purpose of creating this Department is as follows:

  • treatment, diagnosis, screening of children born prematurely;
  • reducing the level of disability of children born prematurely;
  • teaching parents basic skills of caring for the child.



All beds of the Department are adapted to the stay of the mother with her child. This gives the mother the opportunity to be next to the child at all medical activities, take care, breastfeed, carry on her hands, apply peroral forms of treatment, and learn all the peculiarities of the childcare.

The Department is provided with the necessary equipment to give the high-level assistance. Wards are equipped with pulse oximeters to monitor the condition of children. The personnel of the Department have a unique experience in the rehabilitation of children, who were born prematurely, and constantly improve their knowledge in Ukraine and abroad.


Department assignments

We understand the importance of parental care because the presence of parents enhance the child’s health indicators. We also recognize the need to support mother since a lot depends on her health. We provide the psychological assistance to mothers who have children born prematurely.

Our objective is to provide the highly qualified neonatology care to newborns and premature children born with low and extremely low weight. The Department widely uses one of the most effective methods of rehabilitation for children – kangaroo care (skin-to-skin contact).

All mothers also receive strong support with breastfeeding and consultations of leading experts on this issue. We adhere to the principles of the humanization of medical procedures for newborns and strive to minimize all medical interventions.


  • Phone number:(044) 529-21-21
  • Head of the Department:Bachinskaya Valentina Ivanovna