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Range of Pregnancy Management Services

Our maternity welfare center conducts a full range of medical services necessary for the management of pregnancy:

  • wide choice of laboratory studies;
  • perinatal diagnosis of chromosomal pathology of the fetus;
  • ultrasound of the expert level pregnancy;
  • fetal telemetry (remote recording and assessment of the fetus cardiogram to determine its functional condition);
  • parenthood school, lectures on breastfeeding and yoga for pregnant women;
  • consultations with doctors of other specialties (therapist, ophthalmologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist, hematologist).



The task of the obstetrician-gynecologist is to obtain the most detailed picture of the pregnancy course from the earliest period. The condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus is determined at the moment of examination. We also study the functional condition of the fetus.

At the obstetric appointment, we study the patient’s complaints, anamnesis of previous diseases, conduct the analysis of the course and management of previous pregnancies and childbirths, and assess the nature of the menstrual cycle. We provide the clinical interpretation of the results of completed diagnostic laboratory and instrumental studies. The treatment effectiveness is also determined.


Individual approach

On the basis of the received data, the obstetrician-gynecologist forms prognosis of the further course of pregnancy and gives recommendations on delivery date and method. He also decides on the appointment or further use of prescribed medicines, taking into account their possible impact on the fetus. If necessary, we take additional diagnostic measures to monitor the nature of pregnancy and the effectiveness of treatment.


Professional experience of obstetricians-gynecologists and modern ultrasound diagnostics makes you feel more confident after you form an individual plan for the pregnancy management.

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