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Changes in the family budget

People say that changes coming with the arrival of a new family member are usually associated with, to a greater extent, mothers, domestic chores, physical aspects. But we consider the family as a unit and take care of all its members. Changes in the family budget are often the responsibility of the father, although it is not a common rule.

The child comes into the family

  • Spend some time on accounting your income and expenses. These days, it is an easy thing to do, since there is a number of handy apps that allow keeping records without significant time investment.
  • Correlate your expenses with income. At this stage, you can get results that were not so obvious before, or it turns out that the ratio isn’t good.
  • Create a budget for pregnancy planning. It is necessary to find out the exact amount for the management of pregnancy, medical procedures, and diagnostics.
  • Analyze expenses on the child. Today, there are so many things for newborns, which are positioned by manufacturers as critical but are not like this in fact. Therefore, it is good to consult a psychologist, experienced parents or relatives, and then decide what is really necessary and what can be excluded from the list. Also, there are childcare items, on which you can save money, and there are those where savings can lead to the opposite effect.
  • Create a budget for the first year of the child’s life. Consider the essentials and save about 10-15% as for unexpected changes. Remember that breastfeeding can save about 40% of the budget for the child.


Think about raising family income. In any case, the family’s expenses will increase. You can plan certain purchases, evaluating their necessity and price, and after the birth of the child ask your relatives or friends to help you out with buying the rest of them. Thus, the budget for the child will change gradually, and you will have time to analyze it and find ways to increase income.

Changing priorities

New values and priorities

After the birth of the child, your priorities will change. You should prepare yourself that hobbies, friends, even part of the holiday will take second place. Same friends will not be as attentive and close to you as before. Most likely your social circle will undergo certain changes, but you should not worry because people who match Your priorities and values will be around.

Distribution of duties

In addition, it is worth considering that the number of responsibilities after the birth of the child will also increase. It is best to discuss with your partner all the issues that you can do yourself, and the mother should be busy with tasks that are important for her and be given support.

Family physiology

Family after birth

Already at the stage of pregnancy planning, you should think how you see the family after the child is born:

  • For how long the wife can leave her job
  • Who will help
  • How you see your help and support
  • What responsibilities you can take
  • What support means for you and your wife
  • Discuss possible difficulties and be ready to solve them. This may be related to the conflict of father and mother roles, or wife and mother roles, intimate life, or values. You should be prepared, be flexible in resolving such conflicts if there is a chance of their occurrence
  • Be ready for changes in the family where the child is born which often leads to the crisis when old methods fail to overcome new challenges. Remember that any crisis is a chance for further development of your relationship but not an excuse to break them.

Psychologists of the Perinatal Center will help you overcome difficulties associated with physiological changes in the family.