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Celebration-meeting of our graduates in the Perinatal Center

Dear friends! On September 2️⃣5️⃣, 2021 at 1️⃣1️⃣: 0️⃣0️⃣ a family holiday-meeting of our graduates will take place at the address: Predslavinskaya, 9 (in the courtyard of the Perinatal Center). Offers: fun games and entertainment with animators; face painting; mini zoo; goodies and much more. We invite everyone!

A complex operation was performed in the Perinatal Center

09/10/2021 on the basis of the Perinatal Center in Kiev, together with cardiac surgeons from the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, surgical closure of the open arterial (Batalovy) duct was performed for a child weighing 800 g, at a gestational age of 26 weeks. The operation was successful, and the little patient was [...]

Our flag on Everest

🔥Our flag flies on the highest mountain in the world - EVEREST It was straightened by our employee, an obstetrician-gynecologist, geneticist, reproductologist, a person with whom we have been working side by side for several years, Natalya Vladikina ❤️. We are proud of you! Because reaching the top and being the first is our principle.

An obstetric hematology office has been opened at the Perinatal Center

On the basis of the "Perinatal Center of Kiev" an obstetric hematology office was opened - the only center in Ukraine for the provision of specialized services in the field of reproductive hemostasiology. Our advantages: a set of specific hematological and hemostasiological examinations; the ability to provide medical care in the field of reproductive hemostasiology [...]

Public procurement

ID закупівлі UA-2021-04-21-002839-a Конкретна назва предмета закупівлі Теплова енергія Обгрунтування розміру бюджетного призначення, грн.  Відповідно до кошторису на 2021 р., 1 451 130,26 – Обгрунтування очікуваної вартості предмету закупівлі (кошти підприємства), грн. 13 001,47 відповідно до потреби на 2021р.. Технічні та якісні характеристики предмета закупівлі 902,704 Гкал ID закупівлі UA-2020-12-28-012729-c Конкретна назва предмета закупівлі послуги […]

Star Birth

The Perinatal Center is launching the STAR BIRTH project. Our goal is to tell you about our medical institution, about how childbirth takes place from the very beginning until you go home.   If you are interested, you have questions that require an answer, click here

Irakli Makatsaria Charitable Foundation donated a device for non-invasive respiratory therapy to the Perinatal Center

Today “Irakli Makatsaria Charitable Foundation” presented the Perinatal Center with a device for non-invasive respiratory therapy on high-flow cannulas “Opti flow”. We now have the opportunity to provide care for newborns in a less traumatic manner. Previously, respiratory support was associated with huge and noisy machines that made it difficult to care for children. Opti […]