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Direction of the Perinatal Center – Preparation for childbirth


Our Center changes people’s lives greatly. You can get ready for such changes, but cannot plan all the factors.

Therefore, we take care that our patients receive not only high-quality medical care but also emotional, psychological and moral support. The assistance of a psychologist or therapist is required not only in cases of additional therapy in the course of usual pregnancy, perinatal losses, infertility, threat of miscarriage, but in situations when parents simply need support to preserve inner peace and resilience in solving complex issues or conflicts.

Parenthood school

Preparing for childbirth and caring for the baby

Courses at the school of future parents of the Perinatal Center will help you prepare for childbirth. Only professional and experienced psychologists and doctors teach here. The lectures are dedicated to preparation for childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.


Yoga during pregnancy

Both during pregnancy and the childcare, the woman’s body undergoes significant changes. Muscles of the back, neck, and pelvis experience special stress.

To prepare yourself for the changes in the body and possible difficulties, you should devote a lot of time to training.

Yoga for pregnant women is a complex of asanas aimed at working with muscles of the back, increasing the flexibility of the spine, opening and expanding the pelvis, as well as working with breathing and attention.

What is yoga for?

Observations show that women who prepare for childbirth physically and psychologically are more satisfied with the delivery, receive more positive emotions and have fewer interventions and problems during childbirth and the postpartum period.

Yoga classes for new mothers are recommended for almost all healthy pregnant women. If there are any difficulties during the classes or certain symptoms during the pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor or select the individual program.

Psychological support for families

We always encourage family members to participate in the upbringing of children, taking care about them, and support for each other. People see parenting and the role of parents in the family in different ways, but there are situations when it is impossible to prepare in advance.

Perinatal psychologist

Therefore, our Center provides consultations of professional psychologists, gives lectures with accurate information, supports the close contact between parents and the child, resulting in improving the educational potential of parents, increasing the adaptation of parents and the child to new or unusual conditions, enhancing the competence of parents and confidence in their actions, establishing positive relationships between parents and children, promoting proper development of children and implementation of the parent potential of improving the psychological climate in families.

Exchange card signature

How to sign an exchange card

All women who plan giving birth in the Perinatal Center can do it in the absence of contraindications upon signing their own exchange card at the reception.

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