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Direction of the Perinatal Center – Health of the woman

Operative gynecology

Invasive technologies

Invasive technologies allow to reduce the patients’ period of stay in the hospital.

The Department conducts the following types of surgeries:

Laparoscopic means:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Conservative myomectomy
  • Oophorectomy (removal of ovarian cysts)
  • Adhesiolysis (separation of adhesions)
  • Removal of endometriotic lesions
  • Conservative laparoscopic interventions on fallopian tubes
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Surgical sterilization

Hysteroscopic surgeries:

  • Diagnostic GRS
  • Removal of uterine polyps
  • Fractional curettage of uterine cavity at GRS
  • Removal of submucous uterine myoma
  • Separation of the uterine partition
  • Separation of intrauterine adhesions

Vaginal means:

  • Removal of cysts in Bartholin’s glands and vagina
  • Plastic surgery on the cervix
  • Plastic surgeries when the vaginal and uterine walls are dropped
  • Hysterectomy through the vagina
  • Removal of uterine myoma through the vagina

Open means:

  • Metroplasty
  • Conservative myomectomy
  • Hysterectomy with and without appendages
  • Supravaginal hysterectomy with and without appendages

Conservative gynecology

At the Perinatal Center, our specialists conduct therapy:

  • Inflammatory diseases (colpitis, vulvovaginitis, salpingitis, adnexitis)
  • Infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal infections)
  • Endocrine diseases

In addition, in the department of gynecology conduct training for women to prepare for menopause, treat infertility and Rh-conflict, stop bleeding.


Regular preventive consultation

It is necessary to use the services of conservative gynecology not only when health problems arise. Every woman should visit her gynecologist every six months to undergo a prophylactic examination, pass smears on flora and atypical cells.

Regular prophylactic consultations of the gynecologist will help you pay attention to dangerous diseases in due time or prevent them at all.

Miscarriage treatment

Treatment of a woman's reproductive function

Conservative gynecology resolves the majority of issues regarding the women’s reproductive system. Gynecologists treat female infertility and menstrual disorders without resorting to surgical intervention.

Gynecologists-endocrinologists specializing in the treatment of endocrine disorders also work in the field of conservative gynecology. They treat hormonal infertility, eliminate menstrual disorders.

Pregnancy planning

The great importance of pregnancy planning

During examinations, you may be diagnosed with infections or chronic diseases that you have not even suspected of. Some diseases have no symptoms, and if they are not treated before conceiving, they can affect the health of the unborn child. Therefore, it is wise to plan your pregnancy .

Pregnancy preserving

Complicated pregnancy up to 22 weeks

The Department of Gynecology of the Kyiv Perinatal Center provides a wide range of medical care in the treatment and diagnosis of gynecological diseases in patients of different age groups, as well as women with a complicated pregnancy in the period of up to 22 weeks, according to regulatory documents, clinical and local protocols.

There is a day hospital in the Department.